Barcelona and Catalonia: Real estate investment up 43%, with foreign capital making up 85% of total

The reactivation of the office and logistics markets in Barcelona and Catalonia is a fact, and Barcelona Catalonia will once again be at Mipim to present projects in these areas to new foreign investors.

In this regard, it must be noted that real estate investment operations in Barcelona and Catalonia in 2015 set a new all-time investment record, totaling roughly 2 billion euros, according to a study by real estate consultants Aguirre Newman, which also expects the trend to continue throughout 2016. The investment figures are 43% higher than the previous year.

Furthermore, the study highlights that 85% of investment made in Barcelona came from foreign capital -55% through funds and investors and 30% through REITs. Real estate investment in Barcelona closed out 2015 with a total volume of 1.977 billion euros, specifically, which is 43 million euros more than the previous year. Investment in offices, specifically, was up 52% from the previous year, while industrial and logistics investment rose 43%. Investment in Barcelona makes up 20% of the 10.79 billion euros invested in Spain in the real estate sector over this period.

The Barcelona Catalonia booth will give investors a global overview of the main urban development projects underway in Barcelona and Catalonia along the Mediterranean rail corridor. Noteworthy among these are: 22@, Eix Besòs, Sagrera, Marina del Prat Vermell, Pla Delta and Parc de l’Alba. The last one has 1.5 million m2 of floor space available for a variety of economic activities in one of the most advanced science, technology and business platforms in Europe.

As it does every year, Barcelona Catalonia will participate in various forums and events, and feature different private partners collaborating on urban development projects in Catalonia.

Barcelona catalonia

Barcelona Catalonia is the commitment of the Government of Catalonia -through Incasòl- and the Barcelona City Council to promote strategic new projects for a new city model closely linked to the knowledge economy, and to position Barcelona and Catalonia as hubs of innovation, in surroundings with powerful knowledge-intensive and mobility infrastructures.



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